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Welcome to DrComeau.com. I hope that this website will provide you with useful information about a wide-range of mental health and neuroscience topics. My Your Mind Matters columns have been a recognized and popular source of behavioral health information in print and on the web for years. Some of my columns still rank among the most read essays on web search engines, such as Google and Yahoo (search "Teen Anxiety," for example.)

I am pleased and grateful that so many of my former newspaper column readers seem to continue to find benefit from the postings and that so many new readers have found their way to my formerly old and dilapidated website.

So, I've revised the former site and have added some new features, including a Your Mind Matters blog to keep the momentum and, hopefully your, the reader's interests, going.

I should add here, and on every page, that any advice or what seems to be advice given should not be considered the same as that provided in a professional or clinical setting. I hope to provide you with helpful facts, ideas, and methods that, with the guidance of your own health providers, will assist in your efforts to feel better, get well, overcome obstacles, or simply understand yours (and our) conditions more completely and effectively.

There are a number of excellent referral sources available in the Web. I have recently subscribed to the Therapy Directory at Psychology Today. As I review other directories I may include a page listing what I find to be the best ones. Here's a link to my PT page: http://therapists.psychologytoday.com/rms/name/Allan_J_Comeau_PhD_West+Los+Angeles_California_97728.

Wishing you a wealth of wellness,

Allan J. Comeau, Ph.D.

July, 2011